Know these facts before laying your hands on a pair of reading glasses


Know these facts before laying your hands on a pair of reading glasses

Are you planning to get yourself a pair of reading glasses? Then you should definitely conduct in-depth research as it involves your delicate eyes. This article will definitely clear all your queries and doubts regarding reading glasses. 

Reading glasses serve as an effective tool for those who find it extremely difficult to peruse or view nearby objects such as mobile phones, text, computer screens, etc. You must have noticed your mother or grandmother facing difficulty to put a thread to the needle. This happens because she is suffering from presbyopia. Reading glasses help in rectifying that condition and enable people to clearly see the objects in proximity.

Nowadays, it is quite easy and convenient to get your hands on a pair of reading glasses over the counter. But experts always suggest that one should get his/her eyes tested by an ophthalmologist and then choose a pair of reading glasses as per the required dioptre.

When is the right time to get yourself a pair of reading glasses?

Are you not able to read your favorite book anymore because of blurry vision? Is it getting difficult to type messages on your smartphone? Do you often squint your eyes while looking at objects which are placed too close to your eyes? All these symptoms are hinting at the fact that your eyes badly need a pair of reading glasses.

Deciding the power of your reading glasses

Presbyopia is progressive by nature, and hence it is advisable to always begin with a pair of low paired reading glasses. Patients in their 40s often end up managing well with low powered reading glasses. While those who are above 60 years of age more often than not require glasses which range between +1.00 and +3.50 dioptre.

But as we mentioned earlier, it is essential that you visit a reputed ophthalmologist and get your eyesight tested. They will prescribe the power of your reading glasses by taking into consideration the results of your eye test. If you go for the wrong magnification level, it can severely affect your vision. This may lead to blurry vision, watery eyes, headache, and other such issues.

Top 3 reading glasses that you can get at Vision Direct


  • SmartBuy Readers M0401: If you are in search of a lightweight pair of reading glasses, then this will be the perfect option for you. It is a classy and stylish piece that lets you flaunt your reading eyeglasses with a dash of elegance and style. The shiny red frame is made of Acetate. The bold color makes you look ultra-confident. You can choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to the color of the frame. The eyewear fits perfectly on your face and definitely serves as a head-turner.

SmartBuy Readers M0401



  • Ray-Ban RX7046 Erika 5365: Grab this chic and fabulous pair of reading glasses now. It is unisex eyewear, round in shape. The full-rim shape will suit your face cut and make you look confident, elegant, and stylish. The Acetate-based frame material makes the pair absolutely light in weight. So, you can adorn them as long as you want to.

Ray-Ban RX7046 Erika 5365



  • GUCCI GG0439O 005:This one is for all the ladies out there! You will absolutely love this golden framed eyewear. If you are someone who prefers square-shaped frames, then this is the ideal option for you. The full-rim frame makes your face appear much shapely. Also, it is robust and durable eyewear.

GUCCI GG0439O 005:



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